Dog Agility Training

Online Or In Person

Foundation 2

Our Foundation 2 class is going to continue to build the skills that will create an incredible agility dog!

Each session will address a multitude of issues. Some of the benefits are listed below. 


  • Play value for and understanding of body language
  • Relationship with the handler
  • Accel and Decel work
  • "Go On"


Hot Object game

  • Shaping planning sessions
  • Learn how to generalize
  • Learn how to be thoughtful in creating difficulties
  • Proper mechanics
  • How to make proactive decisions

Circle Work

  • Understanding and value for body language
  • Anti-flick
  • Handling pressure for Rear Cross
  • Accel/ decel
  • Value for the shoulder turn
  • Additional exercises for the "Go On"
  • Understanding for the Reinforcement Zone

Focus Forward

  • Lead Out distance and brilliance
  • Driving a line
  • Understanding and value for the first jump
  • Understanding and value for body language
  • Reinforcement Zone

Cone Work

  • Understanding beginning tight turns
  • Helping the dogs to become more flexible and supple
  • Low impact way to work tight turns
  • Value for tight turns
  • Teaching a verbal wrap cue
  • Driving forward hard and deceling to create a tight turn

Beginning Jump Shaping

  • Jump value
  • Focusing on a line you present and driving hard at the jump
  • "Go On" 
  • Teaching the dog not to check in when you present a line
  • Equal value for the Obstacle and Active Line ( refusal plane)
  • Driving the back of the jump

I may also throw in some retrieve training as well since it will be necessary for some of these drills

Come join us and learn how incredibly valuable a strong foundation can be. There is no worry that one skill will give you control of one behavior at the cost of another.  Everything will always be balanced. Where there is Go On training there will also be turn training . When we teach a dog to drive a line, we will also teach them to immediately respond to decel and turn cues.

I look forward to enriching your experiences with your dogs!


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