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About Stacy

Stacy Winkler, owner of KEEN PERFORMANCE DOGS, is located in Vista, California. Known as one of the elite instructors in the field, she has been teaching agility for 13 years. Stacy has reached the finals in USDAA with multiple dogs and today teaches many of the top dogs and handlers in the country.   Stacy is a frequent contributor to Clean Run Magazine and other publications.

Stacy’s passion for drive work began with her first agility dog, a West Highland White Terrier, and then expanded with her Parsons Russell Terrier, a rescue, who went from a bad tempered rescue to the best Terrier and Parsons Russell in the USA. Her specialty in drive work evolved with her Border Collies as she learned to create incredible drive, control and exceptional behaviors along with the skills that, beyond creating a remarkable agility dog, also create a first-rate pet. 

Stacy’s skill and sensitivity as an instructor have been formed through the myriad of coaches and sports she has played including: training for the pro golf tour, showing horses and playing polo, as well as other sports. From them, she learned about great learning and effective teaching. Her work as an actor honed her understanding of how body language and vocal tones have a huge impact on the behaviors you are building. She has had opportunity to train with, be mentored by and teach for some of the world’s best instructors in agility and dog training. Stacy’s wide experience with problem solving, working with a sizable number of different breeds and working through unique challenges with her personal dogs, has led to her tremendous depth as a teacher.

Her foundation work emphasizes relationship, creating drive, intensity and focus. She feels that if you progress in your training program without strength in these areas, all training becomes more difficult, takes longer and your skills aren’t maximized. By strengthening these core skills all your training becomes easier and stronger. Stacy’s jump, contact and weave work build on the foundation training and will give you the tools for tight turns, distance work, incredible lead outs, independence and speed. Through Stacy’s teaching, you will achieve your personal goals with your dog and have a great time doing it!!!  

Her online class room has participation from students and teachers from around North America and the world!

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