Dog Agility Training

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Contact Foundation 1 

Believe it or not, creating stellar contacts is not a difficult thing to accomplish. Not that it is easy, but it can be accomplished by any trainer and any dog.  In fact, the training is relatively formulaic.  

The key to success is to work through the stages of training completely and to always pay close attention to your drive levels and the amount of value and understanding you are transferring into the work. The secret bit of magic that creates brilliance? Being brave and not being afraid to let you dog fail. The largest impediment to contact success is creating limited understanding for the contact behavior.  If you are afraid to go beyond the norm and elevate your training, you will end up stuck with limited understanding.  We will work through this!!!

 In this class we will cover training a 2-on 2-off contact behavior on all the contacts. We will take you from the bare beginnings to the point you are ready to transfer the behavior onto the real contacts. By the time you are ready for the contacts, your dog will have speed, confidence and independent understanding of the end behavior.  You will be able to rear cross your contacts, send, throw toys and food for straight behaviors and proofing.  Your  dog will drive ahead to the end confidently, accept extreme lateral handling and much more.

 The path to brilliance is work, but it is attainable for everyone and every dog. Let me help you get there. I love this stuff!



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